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Who We Are

Process Control Concepts is an engineering firm specializing in control system integration and field instrumentation. Our offices are located in Evansville, Indiana.

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Our Definition of Integration

We believe in leaving our clients with a fully functional, completed system. That means control logic revisions are done and documented, all the supporting graphics are downloaded and available, daily reports are self-generated on schedule, and process data is available to users on the plant network. To accomplish this, PCC works with the client and their general engineering contractor to get the system laid out in a manner that will minimize plant liability due to equipment failure, provide for future growth and balance this with the client's economic constraints.

PCC can provide a complete instrument and control system design that includes instrument specifications, loop schematics, control logic, operator interface displays, system logging and alarming, and data tranfser to the plant information system. PCC can also check out the wiring with a dry loop checkout (we stroke valves, run transmitters up and down, start motors, etc.). If the system requires it, we run functional tests on the system and document the testing. PCC can also assist the client in the start-up of te facility.

For the more difficult or untried control sequences, PCC can write simulation software to the complete functionality of the logic. A process simulation also be used to train operators on the final software and displays.

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Our Methods

PCC develops documentation for projects using AutoCAD, EPlan and Microsoft applications. This provides us with an easy method for creating templates and reports while maintaining network connectivity. In this manner, we are able to handle data only once, no matter where the data is to be used.

These same databases allow PCC to produce specifications, loop schematics and checkout reports, always having the latest data available for processing the current report.

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Our Personnel

PCC's main emphasis has been in the process industry. Most of our employees are chemical or electrical engineers; most have some level of experience working in process plants with a responsibility similar to the services that PCC provides. We feel that this experience helps PCC to anticipate our client's needs and ask the right questions.

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PCC has experience with the following systems: